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Workforce analytics for future oil and gas talent

oghr workforce analytics

From geological data to exploration discoveries; and from depths of drilling wells to monitoring oil prices on a daily basis – the oil and gas industry is powered by data. Numbers and the crunching of data are crucial for investments in capital projects, potential business acquisitions and expansions in new markets. However, when you look… Read more »

Schlumberger Talent Management Model: Developing Global Leaders


Schlumberger is the world’s largest oilfield services company, with over 120,000 employees from 140 nationalies; operating in 85 countries. Natalia Smirnova shared Schlumberger’s global talent management model at an OGHR event in London. The presentation covered Schlumberger Talent Management model under 3 themes: Developing Global Leaders: Principles, Processes and Tools The Structure and Role of… Read more »

Building a HR team in an oil & gas start-up

Genel energy

With new oil & gas discoveries in unique markets, it could be a challenge for energy companies to build a team to meet the business demands and match the rapid growth, especially for a start-up independent E&P company. The pressure on HR to accelerate the people resourcing, personnel deployment and talent management issues could be… Read more »

OGHR is a talent management consultancy for the global oil & gas industry. We work with leaders and HR teams around the world to build skills and competence in strategic talent management. We also share talent insights and HR knowledge through our content, at our events as well as via membership of the OGHR network. Learn more ..


Short video summary (3 mins) of the OGHR Summit London 2013 with BP, Seadrill, Schlumberger, Noble Drilling, Saudi Aramco and more.